Breathing Stone

“A stone that senses and reduces stress by generating music from heart rate and breath”

This is a collaborative project of two lecturers at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of University of Bath, Paul Leonard and Chris Clarke, a Composer and Music Professor at the University of Bath, Joseph Hyde, and a stat-up entrepreneur, David Plans.

The object aims to reduce the stress controlling the heartbeat and guiding the breath. It is made with an Arduino controller and ECG board. While a person holds the object in the hand, it captures their ECG and produces a sound based on their heartbeat. A second wave of sound is meant to be a guide to the breathing with the aim to lower the blood pressure. According to the designers, the object can be further developed so that it can be connected to a server that gathers data from the people that are using it in order to create an epidemiology of stress.

This artefact is a good example of combining humanities with electronics to create objects to continuously monitor and regulate people’s health.


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